Hi, I am Richard Wong, and this is my website. I deal primarily with plumbing and electric installations, so feel free to ask me any questions about plumbing and electrical concerns. Our vision is simple, we want to offer the most satisfactory, superior and quickest service to people everywhere. We want to be Singapore's leading plumbing and electric company, and we want to help you given the amount of experience that we have. We are a very people oriented company, so we have values that will benefit both your company and your home. Feel free to browse around this website, and drop me a comment if you have any questions. We take pride in our work, and we will go all the way to help you. Put the trust in us, and we will deliver the rest!
If you are here to enquire about plumbing or electrical works, look no more! Plumbing and Electric is our bread and butter and we would do anything we can to provide you with the best service possible. Any better, you will have to fix it yourself!

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